Haveil Havalim #152 The Patriots Must Lose Edition

Welcome to Haveil Havalim #152 The Patriots Must Lose!!!!! Edition. Here at the Shack it has been an interesting week. My daughter has been doing her best to make me tear my hair out in clumps, or maybe it is because I subject myself to listening to idiots misuse our emergency resource systems.

Actually I heard that she is a Patriots fan. Makes sense to me.

I sometimes worry about Pre-emptive Publishing? But not in this case because The Patriots Must Lose!

It has been a busy week. My apologies if this is a little rough. All I know is that The Patriots Must Lose! One more note, 2008 marks the return to glory for my Dodgers and The Lakers.

All of you Boston fans can start tearing your clothes now because
The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose!

Enjoy the carnival and for those of you who participate in my favorite secular holiday, have fun at your Superbowl parties.


Over at Jameel's place there is a game you can enter called Contest: Renaming this Blog. EOZ asks What if the Beatles had come to Israel?

Some people have Driving Insurance on Shabbat.

From Israel Satire Lab: Olmert: I Accept Full Irresponsibility for the Lebanon War. Maybe he has been to The Winograd Mega Market.

Ben Chorin has his own thoughts about Winograd. Backspin offered Blurring the Distinctions. Perhaps you'd like to read Winograd--The Nitty Gritty.

Seraphic Secret blogged about The War Over the War. Michael Oren wrote an essay called Israel's Lebanon Disaster.

Carl has the answer to Why Olmert ordered a ground operation in Lebanon with the UN about to adopt a resolution ending the war.

Someone ask Snoopy if this a movie title or a post: Joozilla vs midgets.

Soccer Dad shared Tom Carew - "Rights of Israel and Palestine. Ask Snoopy about Hamas's Gaza debacle - yes, and yet...

From I Consult Gaza Chaos Likely to Metastasize. Some posts give you more insight on some bloggers, Mrs. Carl says this is me.

WestBankMama shared Free Speech Is Not Just For The Left. Solomonia offered Methodists Discuss Divestment: Video.

Something Something suggests Let them vote with their feet first…. If you are dealing with a putz you should be skeptical.

Yid offered Human Rights Watch: We Don't Care About Sedrot. Aussie Dave shared Some Common Ground With Hamas.

Treppenwitz says there is a Method to their madness. Mother in Israel tells the tale of a A stranger in the house--only in Israel.

At What War Zone you can see the Funniest Thing in the World. From an Unsealed Room: President Bush and His New Spokeswoman, Dora the Explorer.

The Big Felafel shared My favorite parking spot in Israel: the half-curb. Lion of Zion continued to provide interesting posts with the Music of Ilan Ramon.

Ease on down The Rechov.

Try reading Mottel in the Holy Land III -In the Negev, Mottel in the Holy Land V -Tzfati Style or Mottel in the Holy Land IV -In the Army.

It is time for Anti-Israel Week At The University Of Michigan. Shiloh Musings says We've Been Marching About This For Years!

Gila has compiled the Top Ten Ways that Real Bombings are not at all like Bombings you See on Television and The Search For Gila Weiss.

And on the lighter side it was A Historic Weekend in Israeli Sports. I have spent more than enough time in Israel and around Israelis to be well versed in The Line Thing.

And then there is
The Rafah crisis


On the sixth anniversary of the murder of his son, Judea Pearl wrote about The Daniel Pearl Standard.

Gail shared Jews and the Black Community. If you receive a late night knock at the door it might be The Yiddish FBI.

Jews By Choice offeredObserving Observance: A Surprising Reality Check.

At Beyond BT they are Dealing with Marital Issues Arising from Differing Observance Levels and Are More Jews Ceasing To Be Observant Than Starting?

Blog in DM shared Handel Ehrlekh - A Wigged-Out Photo Blog.

Some people are looking for Shomer Negia Loopholes. For some reason that just works as a transition to Pearl's post the lice ladies of Brooklyn.

Lion of Zion wants to know Who Really Cares about the Antiquity of the Jewish People? At Bronstein's world you can learn why SUPER JEW is now a…..GENTILE!

Friar Yid found out They're Just Like Us!

Are you tired of reading and or feeling stressed. We can try and help. Who wants a shot of Bacon Vodka?

Rav without a Cause came out of hiding long enough to produce Adopting Columbus...and Koufax, and Einstein, and Heller...

Who remembers Olomeinu. Chana blogged about Intentions. Here in HP discussed cemetery desecration.

I wonder about these Burkha Babes. Ze'ev has A Case of Bad Gas - Revisited. Wolfish Musings got a kick out of Science, from a Yated Reader.

And from ProfK Conversations in Klal: Marriage is About Togetherness, Right? Some people are Missing the Boat.

Give me a good steak and I am happy, but that is not the case for everyone: A Sacred Duty: Jewish Values Helping the Environment.

Read the Last words for Katamonim. Smooth has the lowdown on Survivors of Exodus 1947 Preserve Stories.

From Meryl we have Yes, please: Hamas wants Gaza to bond with Egypt. Soccer Dad notes Blair seeks "clever strategy" against Hamas.


At Shalom Rav they're discussing The Real “Pro-Israel” Vote.

Ocean Guy breaks down the
Florida Primary Numbers. I have to agree with Boker Tov Boulder's assessment, he is a Bastard.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred opined “Where in the world has one ever seen a nation that erects memorials to immortalize its own shame?”

JA offered Conservative vs. Liberal Morality, or Why Conservatives Just Don't Care. Soccer Dad provided a Fl post-mortem roundup.

Is it Commemorating Or Denigrating The Holocaust? Performers should stay out of politics, especially an Ungracious Guest.

Mochassid isn't singing Oh! Bama. Shira Bat Sarah wants to know what people will say about the Egyptian occupation of Palestinian land.

My Right Word presents The Hypocrisy of It/Them All.

Omri has the
Least Persuasive Pro-Obama Appeal Yet.

Is Barack Obama: The black Jimmy Carter. Yid with Lid says Obama Bombshell Mideast war-Its All the JEWS Fault.

Michael Yon's latest dispatch can be found here. Do you have McCain Derangement Syndrome?

Rick Richman has The Paper Peace Process.


Mazal Tov to Z and family on their latest simcha. Don't worry Lebanon, The Irish Army knows how to keep the Peace.

At Seraphic Secret they are Learning From Ariel.

Want to become a better Blogger? A Simple Jew shared: Question & Answer With Treppenwitz - Writing Tips.

She says that she is a Jewish Gladiator. Snoopy offers One case of justified paranoia and lotsa comments.

From Books and Belief there is Strength to Stand. Jewish Blogmeister says Kosher in Beijing? Olympics and More.

Want to learn more about Val? Try reading 6 things. Sometimes It's Good to be Home.

Dr. Seuss didn't write the The Cat in the Cast. And from Dr. Mom Moshe and a cast of many in a Mishpatim Play.

Sometimes it is all Location, location, location. Over at Dean's World you gamers can read about The Witcher.

On The Fringe observed Childhood in a changed world. NY's Funniest rabbi earned a keychain.

Therapydoc is holding a January 2008 Back a'cha. Excuses, excuses, Why I Have Not Been Blogging...

From Orthonomics Our Finances: Now is the Time to Get Involved. Batya presents Stupendous!! posted at me-ander.

Here are two from Elisson GROUNDHOG DAY APPROACHETH and his movie post. Dov Bear asks What does Kumbaya mean?

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The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose! The Patriots Must Lose!


Carl in Jerusalem said...

I protest this edition's name. Go PATS!!!!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Patriots - shmatriots - but it's a biggy! And thanks.

Leora said...

Thank you for the link.

And I agree with Carl on the name...
(I can't say I ever watch the stuff, but I support New England whatever).

Gila said...

Don't really care who wins or loses--nor am I entirely sure what is being played.

Before I commit to hosting...are these chocolate chip waffles that are being offered? Very important detail...


Janet said...

I never heard of this carnival. I guess there are just too many out there to keep track of these days.

Batya said...

I may not be a football maiven, but I do know Havel Havelim, and this one is great!

Smooth said...

I'm looking forward to eating all the food I'm going to serve and the commercials. Thanks for the link, Jack, and Go Giants.

Right Truth said...

Wow. What a roundup. As I said in my super bowl post:

I'm rooting for the Giants and Eli Manning. However, I may change my mind when I see the uniforms the teams are wearing. I have a long-time theory, which has proven correct 99% of the time. My theory?

Whichever team wears the darkest, meanest, manliest looking uniforms -- WINS.

Don't believe me? When the new season starts, you watch and keep track. Wimpy, light, white, uniforms usually lose.

No, I'm not crazy. I'm a woman who really doesn't care about football, who enjoys the commercials, who once asked the question: "Pro bowlers? I didn't know bowling had anything to do with football!" It's true, just ask hubby.

Enjoy the game.

Go ahead, LAUGH!!! We all need a good laugh now and then.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Unknown said...

Thanks for including me but remember The Last Good Super Bowl Was III

ProfK said...

Thanks for the link. And please, please let the Giants win or living with the men in my house won't be bearable.

Loralee Choate said...

It looks like you got your wish for the NY Giants! (Congrats!)

Jack Steiner said...


Send it in to Goodell. Justice was served.


My pleasure.


You need to pick a better team.


Jameel makes all sorts of waffles, including chocolate chips.


There are 1,982,972 carnivals.


Thank you.


They did it.


Giants proved your uniform theory wrong today.


Not anymore.


Looks like things worked out for you.


I did. Thank you.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jack: what could be stranger than Jameel from the Muqata, watching THE SUPERBOWL...from a hotel room in...India?

I haven't watched the superbowl in easily 30 years, and yet, I wasn't disappointed this morning, when I watched it live from my hotel this morning.

All I can say about India is that waffles and curry are simply revolting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I guess you are happy now - the Giants won. (I will now share how clueless I am - my husband came home and said the Giants won. I asked him, won what? Football widows - make aliyah!)


LEL said...

I'm a Giants fan, What a thrilling victory.

Anti-Racist Blog: Exposing Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on American College Campuses said...

Great job! Thanks.

PsychoToddler said...

Thanks for the link, Jack

Shira Salamone said...

Thanks for the link. Now, to go read what everyone else is writing.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- thanks for including me :)

Jack Steiner said...

All I can say about India is that waffles and curry are simply revolting.



I am.


One for the ages.


The bill is in the mail. ;)


My pleasure.


Glad to be of service.


Happy to do so.

Esser Agaroth said...

Um, Dodgers? No.

Go, Padres!!!!!

Jack Steiner said...

The Padres are lousy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading the big felafel! Very impressed with the roundup.

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