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It Is Juvenile, But It Bothers Me

I know that this is juvenile, but it bothers me when other cars pass me on the freeway. Ok, that is not entirely true, it doesn't always bother me.

But sometimes it just grates on my nerves to see the guy driving that sports car that I could never afford go ambling by like I am standing still. Even worse is watching the girl in the beat up clunker pass me.

Confession of the moment. Sometimes if I see a car trying to pass me I'll speed up so that they cannot. Go pass someone else, my fragile male ego can't always take it.


Anonymous said…
So you're the one that does that to me every time I'm passing!!!
Jack Steiner said…
Yep, that is me.
Anonymous said…
Oh man, do I have a solution for you!
Watch our place tomorrow...

benning said…
I used to be like that. I had a forty minute commute, so I got a tad too competetive on the Interstate. Then I got an mp3 player, started listening to audiobooks, and found a lot of calm in the car. Now, with only a ten minute commute, I say my morning prayers on the way in, and could care less about the traffic.

At least until I say, "Amen." Then I get a tad antsy!