The Chanukah Meme

Amy Guth is doing a Chanukah blog tour in which she is visiting a variety of bloggers who have taken time to fill out here meme. I am not always great about answering meme's honestly,
but I'll do my best here.

In case you are wondering who else is participating on this particular day they include the following bloggers, none of who I am familiar with. Maybe that will change.

Want Some Cheese With That W(h)ine?
True Ancestor
The Shalvster
Not Chosen, Just Posin'

1. Quick! You must turn a plate of latkes into an upscale gourmet
delight (as if they aren't already?). What would you add to them to dress them
up, flavor and/or garnish them?

I would be quite careful with this. I like the standard latke, but I suppose that I might consider something that added some spice to them. A little Tabasco sauce. Come to think of it, spicy latkes sound pretty damn good.

2. What is the dumbest thing you've ever heard anyone say about Chanukah?

Hmm...That is a hard question to answer as I have heard so many stupid things. Someone once told me that they thought that Chanukah was a waste of time. Their rationale went as follows:

1)jesus was King of the Jews (Ed. Note: They weren't Jewish and I certainly don't believe this.)
2) Kings have everything they need.
3) Therefore you shouldn't buy gifts because a king doesn't need anything.

Not the smartest guy. Nice guy, but not very smart at all. Incredible logic, don'tcha think.

3. What's the best possible use for olive oil?

Sorry, this blog is PG-13.

4. Settle it once and for all. Latkes or hammentaschen? Which do you prefer? What about pitting the winner of that contest against sufganiyot?

You know this could be a great set-up for Tony Soprano. I wonder if James Gandolfini would be willing to make a guest appearance here at The Shack.

I'd have to tell him that I hated him in The Last Castle. It was terrible.

Ok, back on task. I like Latkes and Hamantaschen. Two different holidays, two different treats. Sufganiyot aren't bad but why not just inject straight fat into your belly. It is faster.

5. What's the best way to mix up a game of dreidel?

A blindfold and a bottle of Tequila.

6. My novel, Three Fallen Women, shockingly enough, is about the lives of three women. Which three women would you like to have over this year for latkes and why?

I have been married 9 times. I don't want any women who aren't here to clean coming over. Excuse me while I duck and run for cover

7. Other than Three Fallen Women (har har), what book do you think
would make a great Chanukah gift this year? What book would you like to receive as a gift this year?

It is called Fragments of Fiction, but it is not quite ready to be released yet.

8. What bloggers didn't participate in Chanukah Blog Tour 5767 and you think should have?
(link to them)

The answer to this one is written in invisible ink.


Amy Guth said...

Interesting King theory your friend has there. Hmmm, that's a new one.

Excellent work! Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

What odd questions. Not what I'd have expected from a Chanukah meme. Don't think I could even make up an answer for most of them, so thanks for not tagging me!

PsychoToddler said...

I can't believe I actually saw the Last Castle.

mist1 said...

I'm up for a game of dreidel with tequila and olive oil.

Jack Steiner said...


My pleasure.


Sure you could, ;)


Me too.


Ok, game starts at 12.

Al Sensu said...

I'm new to your blog -- you serious about the 9 times? Mickey Rooney and Artie Shaw went 8 rounds, but 9 would be some kind of record. How old are you?

Jack Steiner said...


Those guys are rookies, inexperienced knaves.

Chus said...

This is what I think: The last castle

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