Readers Come And Go

One of the things about blogging that I have noticed is that readers come and go. I recognize that there is nothing profound about this, but I find it to be interesting. I suppose that I should elaborate upon this idea.

If you get involved in following the various stat checking tools (stat counters, Technorati, etc.) you begin to notice that there are certain people who consistently appear at your blog. They may not always comment, for that matter they may never do so, but they still follow your work.

The seventeen longtime readers are well aware that I check my stats on a regular basis, maybe too consistently. I won't say that I cannot help it, but I really do find it quite interesting to see what is moving here. Which posts are the most widely read, what keywords are used to bring people here etc.

Anyway, from time to time I notice that some people have dropped me and I am usually curious why. I wonder if they got bored, if I offended them or if they just found better things to do with their time.

Then again I wonder whether who would win in a fight between Scooby Doo and the Jetson's dog Astro. Maybe I am spending too much time here at the keyboard.



Jewish Atheist said...

Don't forget those of us who read through bloglines!

Ezzie said...

...or other feeds. :)

Nu, so who are the 17? :P

Gooch said...

I wonder about that all the time too - trying to figure out if I've offended them or if they just decided I was too dull

mist1 said...

Scooby. Hands down.

Sarah Likes Green said...

like ezzie said... thru feeds.

and with work busy, there sometimes just isn't time to comment on all your many, many postings!

Anonymous said...

They're the same dogs... you've never seen them both in the same place before... coincidence? I think not.

Long time reader, first time conspiracy theorist.

Anonymous said...

Astro would win!!

Anonymous said...

Checking stats can be entertaining...sort of like blogger caller ID. I can't walk into my house without checking the phone, why not the computer?

Jack Steiner said...


Ah yes, bloglines. I have been meaning to sign up for that too.


You can call them the shva esray. ;)


Would you rather be offensive or dull?


Most likely.


Good point.


Could be. The coloring is off, but those voices....


If a Scooby snack is on the line I am not so sure. ;)



Anonymous said...

Astro wins on the googlefight:

benning said...

Astro would win.

I think some folks just forget. Stuff comes up and they contract their blog reading to a few favorites. After some time, they rediscover the joys of the other blogs they had time for earlier.

That's my story!

cruisin-mom said...

I've wondered the same thing lately Jack. I notice my comments are way down...I guess I'm not as fun or interesting anymore. I stopped checking the stats because I decided people will either come or they won't. But I have always been willing to confess that it's much more fun to receive lot's of comments...but I shall continue on, not matter what :)

Sheyna said...

My excuse is that I wind up getting distracted by something called life. Kids get sick (again), work gets busy, Husby decides he wants a wife and not just a roommate (no, I'm not providing any futher details on that), the Writing Bug bites, that class I forgot I signed up for has just started, I forgot how to say "No" to all those volunteer organizers...

Rarely do my absences have anything at all to do with the bloggers themselves. Not offended, not bored... not online!

That said, I do have some favorites (you may have noticed in your stats) that I visit regularly when I am online! :-)

Jack Steiner said...




Makes sense to me.


Maybe it is the time of year.


The old husband excuse. We get blamed for everything. ;)

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