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From The Mailbag

Dear Jack,

What is your problem with cleveland. All you ever do is bash it. cleveland is a real city with real people which is a far cry from your city of plastic surgery and insecurity.

Eat us raw!

A proud clevelander.
Dear clevelander,

If you were really that secure you wouldn't feel the need to write me, would you.



Hello Jack,

A short while ago you asked us what we think about your blog. I didn't want to respond there so am sending you this note. I hate your political posts and your crass humor. Please stop blogging immediately.

Dear E,

I am curious about which posts might possibly bother you. It could be this or this or this or this or this or maybe this. Which one is it.

All my love,


Dear Jack,

I think that most of your writing is fake and so are you.

Dear Lynn,

Something tells me that you know a lot about faking things.

Hugs and kisses,



Anonymous said…
Wow - who knew you had such a devoted fanbase???
chosha said…
Dear Jack

I think you are sarcastic and a bit of a smart ass.

Oh wait, that's what I like...
StepIma said…
How many of these people are actually Shola?
Stacey said…
You are such a geek.
cruisin-mom said…
Jack, the loving way you have signed all of your email responses, shows us that you are a warm and caring person. Who knew?!
Jack Steiner said…

They love me, they really love me.


Smart ass? Who me.


17 of them.


What a monkey.


Don't say that too loudly or you'll ruin my image.