My Daughter's Favorite Book

At the tender age of 18 months my daughter loves Goodnight Moon above all other books. Every night before she goes to sleep I read this to her.

We have a routine in which she climbs into my lap and waits patiently for me to begin reading. Ok, not so patiently. If abba takes time to clear his throat or take a breath she begins to urge me on, but that is ok at 18 months I don't expect her to act any differently.

This evening she changed things up for me. She climbed into my lap and said "I love you daddy." It is only within the last few weeks that she has learned to say "I love you" but tonight caught me off guard. For a moment I was choked up.

This little body was curled up against me, a tiny hand held three of the fingers of my right hand and a face showed nothing but the defintion of unconditional love. How could I not smile. How could I not hug her and promise her the world, my everlasting love and protection.

This may sound goofy, but I cannot remember the last time I felt so strong and powerful. Not in an arrogant, narcissistic or egocentric way. It was selfless and giving because my daughter made it that way, because I felt like I had to be her hero.

In that one gesture, that brief moment of time she gave so much to me. What can I say I am completely in love with 24 pounds of radiant beauty. Her eyes twinkle and like her brother she has a laugh that is infectious. Her smile just lights up her face and a room.

In a few minutes I'll go to sleep and the last thing I think about before sleep overtakes me will be that look and this special moment in time.


bornfool said...

I didn't want this post to be an "orphan." My daughter is eighteen now. I miss those days of reading her stories, but the "I love you, Daddy"s still touch my heart.

MC Aryeh said...

There is nothing like an 18 month old to melt the heart of an adult...wonderful thoughts to go to sleep to...

Regina said...

A wonderful post, Jack... she sounds beautiful...

... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

aw, so sweet Jack.

Anonymous said...



Stacey said...

Awww, so sweet. My girls love this book. We also have "The Runaway Bunny" and "My World" by Margaret Wise Brown. Great book!

Richmond said...

Daddies and daughters. It's a very special relationship. (And it sounds like you're off to a very good start.)

Shifra said...

Wonderfully captured.
Moments like that make it all worthwhile.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi BF,

Thanks, those orphans are so sad. ;)




Thank you, she is.


That is my daughter.


Good books.


We are, aren't we.


Thanks. She is part of why I don't have to yell "Serenity Now" all day long. :)


Rituals are important.

Ezzie said...


Anonymous said...

That's such a special moment you shared. So full of honesty. Can't help but to be touched by it myself.

One Wink at a Time said...

Believe it or not, I never discovered this book until I was 33 years old and in Art school. I have since bought it for the grandkids and love it.

As for the remainder of your post...
what a warm and fuzzy. I think I felt that same surge in the middle of many nights, nursing each of my babies while they clutched my finger in their little hands, looking up at me in the near-dark room. The best thing ever was when they would stop suckling (just for a moment)and reward me with a big smile.

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