Communication Breakdown

I like to think that I am relatively good at communicating my thoughts and feelings, especially in writing.

That is not to say that I do not have room for improvement. Each day I encounter bloggers who are far more eloquent than I am. Each day I read the works of others who consistently write better than I do, who are polished and really are "that funny."

I admit to having my share of jealousy and blog envy regarding them. It is during these moments that I ask myself why I am blogging. All too often I look at what I have written and want to shred it, or should I say delete it.

But this is all tangential to my main point and that is it drives me crazy when I cannot effectively communicate my thoughts to someone else. It makes me so frustrated to be unable to clearly express my thoughts in a way that they can understand.

Sometimes the problem is that our perceptions are so very different and sometimes it is just because I haven't really thought it through. That is the nice thing about the blog, it provides a venue for doing so. It offers a place where I can verbalize my thoughts so that I can better understand them and in turn do a better job of communicating them.


Ze'ev said...

One of the things that got me ot start blogging was I realized that the people around me weren't all that interested in listenting to my rants about the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish People on a daily / hourly / minute-to-minute basis.

With a blog, I can reach out ot more people, and only those that are interested in what I have to say have to read (or listen) to it.

Anonymous said...

I also think reading others works makes me a better writer. I hope so. And I need to really do more of it and shut my own mouth a little more in the process.

Anonymous said...

i have a challenge even writing this with any confidence that anyone will read it and give a rat's ass. I give up sometimes on any hope of having anyone ever understand what i'm talking about or feeling. I only blog cuz i need to get it out now, cuz i know it's better than keeping it in. people are interested, yknow? Well, i'm sure you don't, cuz people are interested in what you have to say, and you at least have something useful *to* say, with substances and whatnot...


Jack Steiner said...


Makes a lot of snese to me.


I agree. The more I read the more I learn.


How goes the International Debate EZ Board.

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