Blogroll cruisin'

Blogroll cruisn' is hip, it is cool and it is what you do when you find yourself with a little extra time and curiosity about what the people you read do when they aren't blogging, commenting on your blog or doing whatever it is they do when they aren't at the computer.

Blogging is a bit voyeruristic, aw heck during the best of times it is quite voyeuristic. It is a little exhibitionistic and a chance to peer in the windows of those in the world around you to see what they do in the quiet and comfort of their own homes.

Through blogging I have learned many interesting and less interesting things. Some of the knowledge I have gained has been relatively intimate and probably a case of TMI.


Blogger A discussed his preferred position for wiping his behind as well as his preference for "naked defecation." That has an interesting ring to it, "naked defecation" but let's save that for a different day.

Blogger B said that during sex she cannot orgasm unless she is on her back and thinking about her 10th grade biology teacher. FWIW, if you believe her blog she is in her mid thirties now.

Blogger C has routinely been stealing pens and paper from every office that he has ever worked in but doesn't know why and has never used any of these office supplies.

Of course there are also the posts of heartbreak and tragedy as well as incredibly uplifting stories. What this really tells me is that people are just as diverse and interesting as I have always found them to be.

I like people, I do. I may be a curmudgeon in training but I just find people to be fascinating. If I were to come and visit your home there are a number of things that I would be interested in seeing.

Primary on that list are a glance at your music collections as well as your library. I like knowing what you listen to and what you read. Out here in cyberspace one of the closest things to to it is your blogroll.

I'll peruse it and spend some time checking out the reads you read to see what it is that makes you tick and because I am curious to see if you have some undiscovered gold nugget to share.

After all if you are on my blogroll I find you to be interesting and it just might be that there is something special hiding there, or maybe not. All I know is that people are interesting and that I enjoy learning more about them.

So you really shouldn't be surprised if while you are going through your own rundown of your blogroll if you see me in places I haven't been. It may be a short visit or I may choose to set up a tent because you have turned me onto something new.

Blogroll cruisin'- it beats digging ditches.


stc said...

During the election campaign that just ended, one enterprising journalist came up with a novel angle on the story. She traded iPods with the leader of the New Democratic Party. She spent the morning going through his playlists and analyzing his personality by his tastes in music. And he got to do the same thing with her iPod, and tell her what he thought it said about her.

I liked it. It's true, you can gain real insight by looking at people's music library.

Jack Steiner said...


That is a cool story. I like it.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Jack: Blogger A is waaaaay TMI. Stories B & C, maybe are of some interest.

cruisin-mom said...

obviously, I like cruisin

Shifra said...

That's some freaky stuff...
Who's blogrolls have you been cruising!

As for me I'm always tempted to open people's medicine cabinets but I restrain myself (nearly always).

Jack Steiner said...




I can see. :)


I am very adventurous, I go everywhere.

Anonymous said...

So I guess anyone not on your blogroll is chopped liver? ; )

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