Stupid Blog Mistakes

I am on a tear tonight, so much to say and so little time to say it all. I better include a roundup for those who might have missed a post, but I digress.

The bane of blogging is to destroy good content by masking it with stupid mistakes. Here are a couple of examples of stupid mistakes.

1) Posting inaccurate information and presenting it as being factual or truthful.

2) Blatant spelling mistakes in your headline and posts that are riddled with spelling errors.

Of these two it is the second that I dislike the most. And I am never more irritated than when I am the numbskull who commits the error. I just caught a really egregious mistake in a headline. I am surprised that no one said anything to me and don't know if it is because it was missed or they were being kind.



Pragmatician said...

Many bloggers have agreed as a repsonse to an old post of mine, that spelling is secondary to what is being written.

So I don't agree that spelling mistakes, in the title or elswhere, can ruin a good post.

Jack Steiner said...


This is where I respectfully disagree with you. A plethora of spelling and grammar errors and the content loses something.

It is too easy to use a spellcheck to proof our work.

Anonymous said...

Jack - I absolutely agree with you on the spelling. I feel that way about email too. If I receive an email with spelling, punctuation, and/or grammar errors, I delete it. I don't care what you have to say if you can't take the time to say it properly.

Shifra said...

Wow - I can't imagine how you manage to read my blog!

I try to spell correctly and when people email me with corrections I make them but as I am mildly dyslexic I often don't see my own mistakes before others do.

For the record that word verification thingy is MURDER on the dylexic bloggers of the world. It usually takes me 3-4 tries to get it right.

Jack Steiner said...


As long as I feel like the blogger makes an effort to keep their work clean I don't mind occasional mistakes, especially since I am not perfect either.

There is a line that some people just cross that makes me crazy.

P.S. Shifra, your blog isn't one of the blogs I was thinking about when I posted this.

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