A Very Disturbing Video- Warning Graphic

ssI found out this evening that Google offers a new function that allows you to embed video in your blog so that it can be displayed. So I spent a few minutes exploring various videos and stumbled onto the video below. It is 17 minutes of footage of girls fighting.

I am shocked. I am. I am just stunned by some of this. When I was younger I was involved in some disagreements with other guys that were far more violent than shown here, but there was something distinctly different in those. It is not a matter of the obvious difference in gender.

What bothers me is the footage of so many different fights in which the onlookers exhibit indifference to the violence. What bothers me is that so many of these fights were clearly filmed by people who have little to no regard to the damage both mental and physical that is being delivered in front of them.

What bothers me are the numerous times in which I see one person being ganged up on by several people at once. It bothers me as a parent and it bothers me as a person.

What does this say about us. (Warning this is graphic)

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Unknown said...

I don't know but I very often feel the same way.

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