A Look Back

I spent a few minutes reviewing the archives here at the Shack and was pleasantly surprised by some of what I found. I think that I want to do a monster post about what I blogged about this past year. I am intrigued by the idea but also somewhat dismayed by the size of it.

It is safe to describe me as being prolific. There are days in which I might have posted seven or eight times. Conservatively speaking I probably averaged around 5 posts a day. That means that there is an enormous amount of material to cover. This is a project that will take some time to complete.

But it is kind of fun to take the blog as a snapshot of my life and to see what it is that I thought about. It is nice to explore these thoughts/issues and dreams and see if they still hold the same import or if the significance of them has diminished over time.

I look and ask myself a few questions.
  1. Have I grown and matured?
  2. Do I like what I see?
  3. What have I learned?
  4. Have I applied any of these lessons to my life?
Some of the posts from the past that have caught my eye include:

The Mechitzah

Faith in G-d

A Moment In Time- Perspective for the coming Shabbos

The Search For Answers About Our Ourselves


Pragmatician said...

You are indeed profilic, also if I'm not mistakes you're the most regular contributor to the Jewish connection.I respect the fact that you put so much time and energy in your blog(s).

MC Aryeh said...

Would love to see a year-end recap at the Shack! Great idea for most other bloggers, too...

Soccer Dad said...

remember to submit one of these (and a current one) to this week's Haveil Havalim!

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Prag,

I enjoy doing this, so it really is easy.


It is kind of a monster project, but I am going to try.


I sent off a note to Ezzie so he should have some material.

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