Blind and Prescient

Easy to say after the fact and quite disappointing. I hate comments like this, very Pat Robertsonish.
"Stevie Wonder was unsurprised by John Lennon's murder - because he always feared the star's atheist beliefs would bring about his demise.

The Ebony And Ivory hitmaker was devastated when the former Beatle was shot by Mark David Chapman on 8 December 1980, but insists the tragedy was inevitable.

He says: "After he died I couldn't stop crying whenever I heard Imagine, but I wasn't surprised that he'd been shot.

"The guy said he shot him because he said he didn't believe in Jesus, and I remember when I heard Imagine, I thought, 'Somebody is not going to like that.'"


stc said...

Just to set the record straight, the murder had nothing to do with John's atheism. The murderer (I won't name him, because there's a convention against it) thought he was John Lennon, and couldn't deal with Lennon's reappearance. (Lennon had stayed out of the public eye for the previous five years.)

And I'm not sure John was consistent about his atheism. One of the last songs he wrote, "Grow Old Along With Me", had for a chorus, "God bless our love". Perhaps his hostility toward God diminished during the quiescent years.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Q,

Thanks for that.

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