Some Stories that Caught my Eye

More and more Americans are moving to get away from overheated housing markets.

No suprises here.
Did they really expect different behavior from her.
Trimspa Sued Over Anna Nicole Smith
"LOS ANGELES -Anna Nicole Smith went too far, a production company has charged, and it wants Trimspa to pay for it.The producer of the Live 8 concerts has filed a lawsuit against Trimspa Inc., claiming that the company's reputation was damaged by the buxom Trimspa spokeswoman's attire and conduct during a televised concert last summer."

There is a reason why I don't like Santa.
Santa drops pants at mall
"N.H. - SALEM - It wasn't eight tiny reindeer, but a police cruiser that took a Massachusetts man dressed as Santa Claus away from the Mall at Rockingham Park on Sunday, after he was arrested for dropping his pants in front of onlookers, police said.

If Richard Mullen, 52, of Malden, Mass., hadn't been wearing sweatpants under his Santa costume, he would be facing charges of indecent exposure rather than disorderly conduct for allegedly dropping his Santa pants multiple times in the Salem mall Sunday afternoon, Salem Police Capt. Robert Larsen said."

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