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Polishing Posts- Editing

Elie asks some good questions in this post.

My short response to this is that I could spend a lot of time editing and polishing my thoughts and prose but I don't. I don't hide my warts. My strengths and weaknesses are on display.

But that is a personal choice on my part. I like to have a chance to see my thoughts written down because it allows me to gain a better understanding of my feelings and gives me a chance to evaluate where things are in my life and what kinds of changes I like to make.

Got to run for a bit but I may blog about this again.


I understand your sentiments.

When I write, I want the words to come out perfectly, first time on paper, all the right adjetives, modifiers, etc. Sometimes, it interferes with what I really want to say.

Thank you for all your kind words on my blog.
You are a good writer!
The Misanthrope said…
I enjoy your writing.
Jack Steiner said…
Thank you all for your kind words.
MC Aryeh said…
You are a very good writer, Jack. I am amazed at your consistency, especially given how prolific you are! Where do you find the time?
Jack Steiner said…

Thank you. I don't have any real answers, I just do my thing.