Cat Stevens Supports Terrorist Organization

Special thanks to Bloghead for alerting us to a report from the Canadian National Post and an article<that describes Steven's speech for a "front" for a Palestinian terrorist group.

"In a videotape of the 1998 event obtained by the National Post, Mr. Islam describes Israel as a "so-called new society" created by a "so-called religion" and urges the audience to donate to the Jerusalem Fund for Human Services to "lessen the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and the Holy Land."
The Jerusalem Fund is one of four "fronts" named in a secret Privy Council Office memo that was sent to Jean Chretien, then prime minister, on May 23, 2000, discussing what it called groups that "have unsavoury links with terrorism."

Mr. Stevens' Peace Train apparently is selective in whom it stops for.

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HasidicG said...

If he wants to talk about so called religions what about islam, the truth is that mohommad was a pedophile who didn't know weather it was his "god" talking to him or satan. If he has read the koran than he should know that in it allah says that he gave the Jews the Torah and in the Torah Hashem promises the land of Israel to the children of Israel for all time. So according to islam, muslims who murder Jews are in fact making themselves enemies of G-d! Isn't it about time islam grows up like christianity has lately!

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