September 08, 2015


It looks like I have a shot at participating in an experience that I have always wanted to do but never tried because I never had enough spare cash to make it happen.

I am really excited about the opportunity and hope it comes through because if it does I'll be able to cross something off of the list of things that I want to do in my life,

Makes me think I need to spend some time mulling over what the top 100 are so that I can do more than just dream about it.


therapydoc said...

So glad you're still doing the traditional blog, Jack. I've been cleaning out my blogroll, a nasty job. What is with this obsession people have about crossing things off lists? What's wrong with a list? What if we saved all of our lists? Just thinking out loud. Happy new year to you and your family. Go for that gusto.

Jack Steiner said...

Yeah, I'm still here but most of my time is spent over at

Mix of mishegoss, narishkeit and some useful tidbits.

Shana Tova, hope things have been good to you and yours.