August 17, 2013

Google Plus Swallows The Blog

I am not really sure why I chose to share this tweet again other than it made me chuckle and one can never laugh too hard or for too long.

Those of you who still haunt this blog know that it is not what it once was and chances are it probably never will be again.

My focus is upon the self hosted blogs because those provide the biggest return on my investment. I suppose if I put the same attention here as I once did the ROI would return but I don't see a reason to do it. Blogger offers much more than it used to but not as much as my wordpress so this place takes on a secondary role.

But since I have been making a big push to do more with Google Plus it made sense to make use of as many tools/resources as I could to keep building my presence there and that is why/how G+ swallowed this blog.

Well, it didn't really swallow it but it made sense to use this joint to help grow the G+ gig for the same reasons I use it to encourage people to read the other blog.

And with that being said I encourage you to circle me on G+ and to read these posts:

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