August 27, 2013

Eye Of The Tiger- It Still Works

Haven't slept as well as I normally do because there are just too many things going on now. Too many big things that will have a significant impact on my life and that is making me edgier than normal.

Standing out on the balcony I stare at the mix of stars, city lights and dark buildings wondering where this road will lead me too. Wondering because I find myself again in a situation in which it is hard to predict how things will shake out.

The ache in my stomach tells me that even when I am not consciously thinking about all of this it is still playing out inside my head.

So I do what I have always done and try to visualize this as leading up to something big, something meaningful and magical. I can get it done. I can do it and not just because I write it here but because I have done it before.

Still there are times when a man doesn't quite feel as he thinks he should and that is where I am at. Doing my best not let the stress get to me, working hard to ignore what others are throwing my way because at this moment I don't have anything extra to give.

Turned on iTunes and put on Eye of The Tiger because kid who loved watching Rocky overcome everything lives inside still and believes he can do it too. That kid never worried about life because he didn't see how he could ever fail.

And that is the energy source I am drawing upon because today is for me. Today I do this because I need to adjust my ledger so that there is more black than red.

Movies may be fictional accounts of life but those fictional accounts have some relevance and importance because they are the foundation for reality.

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