September 06, 2012

Moving Forward

Some of you only read this blog and or rarely visit any of my other blogs. Sometimes I wonder why that is and what you find here that you don't see there.

It has to be apparent that this place doesn't hold the same attention for me as it once did and that I have made an effort to move forward.

But that doesn't negate the place this blog holds in my heart and the sheer love I hold for what it has given me.

Nor does it preclude a relationship because that suggests there is no room to move from the past into the present and that is something I simply do not believe.

There is opportunity and all that is required is the willingness to take a leap of faith.

I have relatively few regrets in life and those I do have generally stem from my having been slow or unwilling to take those leaps of faith.

That is not how I live any more and thus I find myself enjoying new opportunities and experiences. Moving forward doesn't have to mean we forget who we were or who we are. It just means we understand sometimes you have to take a chance to get the bigger rewards in life.

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