April 15, 2012

Headlines You Won't Read

Almost midnight on Sunday night and it is time for me to roll out a new post here on the old blog. Here is where it all started, this wild and woolly ride into the blogosphere.

This joint is where I reinvented myself a dozen times and more importantly found what I had lost. This is the old home that I sometimes visit because I find it familiar and comfortable.

It is a mix of faces here, those familiar and those that aren't. Sometimes when I come through here I feel like I am wandering among the ghosts of the past. This is where I see you who used to hang with me and I wonder if I see you or just a shadow.

Does it matter. Should I be concerned that the ghosts of the pasts are wandering among my present. Or is it possible that I have mistaken the past for the future. I sometimes wonder about that and think that it could be possible that I have made a mistake.

But if I want my children  to walk through fields of fire without fear I have to do the same. I have to move through, around and over all sorts of things that go bump in the night.

That is not necessarily such a bad thing. Much of this is contingent upon attitude and desire. So here I am working on my attitude but not my desire.

That is as strong as it has ever been. I could write about it at length. I could produce a treatise that would put Ripper to shame. I could make Spaner cry. I could schlatter them all with bullshit, but what would the point be.

Anyway, this is probably just another headline you won't read. But just in case you do come see me over here.

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