April 25, 2012

Carry The Load

Almost 5 PM here and I am stuck in a tiny room, earphones on my ears and Springsteen keeping me company. Got a boatload of work to do and endless interruptions.

Reminds me of days long gone when I was all of 17 and desperate to move away and live on my own. Bruce kept me company then too but his words had different meaning to me then. There was a different sort of hope and speculation about the future that drove me.

Now these tunes about the common man make me think of a guy punching a clock day in and day out with nothing much to look forward to. He doesn't smile or walk under blue skies, this man I see. No, his existence is dull, drab and gray and I am concerned.

Concerned because this is not how I see the world. This is not my normal perspective but lately it has become far more comfortable and familiar. Lately it feels like I have to look harder to see the shiny things in life instead of that which is old and tired.

It is not supposed to be this way. We're not supposed to feel like we are carrying the load by ourselves..uphill...both ways.

Bruce says there is no where to run and no where to go and I nod my head. Got to suck it up a little bit longer and walk a little bit farther because no one gets out alive.

On the lighter side of things got all sorts of good stuff coming down the pipeline, just a little bit longer. Just you wait and see.

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