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Days Gone By

Dear June,

Been thinking about days gone by and days to come. Been wondering and waiting about a bunch of things but have also been active in trying to make things move faster.

They say that it is always darkest before the dawn but I am not certain if that is entirely accurate. Some people might argue that the darkness never leaves and I would have to concur but that is because I don't think that some people know life without darkness.

Me? I know the difference. I know what it is like to walk in shadow and what it is like to walk in light. I mention this because I know you do too. And I wonder where it is that you are walking now. Are you in darkness or in light. Do you feel the warmth of the sun upon your back or are you in search of it.

Got to tell you that I find some actions to be curious and it reminds me of things I have heard. Reminds me of the girl that told me that I shouldn't pay attention to anything she said in anger because she doesn't always mean it. Reminds me of someone who would claim to be logical and reasonable yet often acted otherwise.

Sometimes it feels like you and I are doing some sort of weird and wacky dance. We may not do it from the same place but we dance together on a regular basis. I see you watching me from a distance and wonder if you wish me to know this or would prefer that I don't. Don't know exactly what you are looking for so I maintain my pseudo-silence and say nothing.

It is sort of funny to me because when you said done, over and never I didn't believe any of it and I am convinced that actions prove me right.

So we dance. We watch and circle each other uncertain of why, where how and what but we do it just because that is what we do. But when I close my eyes I see yours and I remember.

Trust me, I know things.