February 14, 2011

Live In The Past To Move To The Future

Sometimes the ghosts of the past meet the echoes of the future and for a brief moment in time I feel like I have been granted the kind of clarity that we all wish for. I see a clear path from the present into the future and know precisely what it is that I am supposed to do. There is no guesswork or worry about making a mistake All I need to do is keep on walking.

The rub is that the fog that obscures the future eventually returns and I find myself straining to determine if the path remains clear or if there are pitfalls that can foul up my journey. Let's face it, there are always pitfalls and hurdles to be overcome. Even if the condition of the actual road remains free and clear there are other obstacles and obstructions that you will have to deal with.

You trip can be impacted and or derailed by other drivers. Live stock and or animals from the forest can wander on to the road and create a hazard for you and the other drivers. They don't have to be struck by another vehicle for their presence to be disruptive. All they need to do is stand in the middle of the road and impede traffic from passing and or moving at the speed limit.

So your job as a person and traveler is to pay attention to that which happens around you. The smart traveler accepts the obligation to educate about the things that can impact their journey. They understand that though they may not be able to direct the current or control the wind they do have influence over the journey.

They can look backwards at that which has happened so that they might be able to move forward without fear or concern of that which could happen.

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