February 16, 2011

Building The Blog- Wordpress Edition Part 298

The newest love of my life, the mighty ship known as the TheJackB has been at sea for more than a month. Not unlike the Starship Enterprise it is on a mission to seek out new life and to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Unlike the Enterprise it is not equipped with a full crew. Scotty, Mr. Spock and Bones are no where to be found. Chekov and Sulu are living in the land of reruns and have not returned calls, or Starfleet transmissions. I had thought that I would at least be granted a Yeoman Smith but the guy finally realized that every time he is asked to explore a new planet he'll be the first to be eaten, tortured, disintegrated etc.

So your old Captain Jack is here by himself and that is ok. I like living by my wits and dumb luck. It is comfortable and familiar to me.

At the moment we have run into feed problems at TheJackB but not the sort that make a man hungry enough to eat the mast. There is plenty of real food. No, this is the feed that some would call RSS and the damn thing ain't working properly.

We're doing our best to diagnose, repair and return to sea but it is a bit slow going.  so we recommend that for the interim you do your blog reading the old fashioned way. You must actually visit the blog. But if you know me you know that there is always a massive amount of quality content to read and enjoy.

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