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The Helen Thomas Affair

Unless you have been hiding beneath a rock you are probably well aware that long time White House correspondent Helen Thomas has retired. You can argue/debate whether she retired of her own accord or was forced out. You can discuss whether a person should be allowed to say the things she said without consequence.

But what you cannot do is suggest that her removal is as the result of the actions of an all powerful lobby that has control over the government and media. Or maybe you can, because the articles about her are filled with hateful comments. Antisemitic bile spewed repeatedly and intermixed with some awful ignorance.

There is an easy way to test whether people over reacted to her words. Simply insert the names of other groups into her comments. What would happen if she said that Mexicans should go back to Mexico, Blacks should go to Africa or Chinese people should go back to China.

The answer is that there would still be an uproar. People would be offended and go nuts and she would step down. Unfortunately this incident has provided a bully pulpit for those who wish to smear a country and a people.

It is a sad statement about people to see such comments. Shameful behavior that isn't challenged enough. Because frankly it is reckless to ignore such talk. Give the bigots a platform that isn't challenged and you provide a place for hate to grow and that shouldn't be.

Thomas brought this down on herself. There is no blame outside of her own actions.


Keith Wilcox said…
For once, Jack, I think we are in complete agreement :-) She totally brought this on herself and you are completely correct when you suggest entering any other race or nationality into her comments. Wouldn't fly for a second.
The JackB said…
Unfortunately, they are.
The JackB said…
No it wouldn't. Unfortunately this has brought some horrible people out of the woodwork and their words in some places are going unchallenged. That troubles me.
Amber said…
Ah, I disagree with you.

First of all, Helen merely expressed the same sentiments that the Obama administration and media, albeit politically correctly, have already hinted toward. She is under fire while they are not. A bit shameful really.

Secondly, to insert other nationalities/ethinicities into Helen's statement is not right. Blacks, Mexicans, and Chinese are not militarily occupying our country and, in the case of the Blacks, many came here against their will. Israelites have a forceful army presence in what used to be the heartland of Palestine. Plus, they chose to inhabit that country after WWII.

What makes me shake my head is the anti-semitism shown toward Israel by our leaders and the media. It seems they have forgotten why Israel was reinstated in the first place and that they played a major role in the events. As cliche as this statement has become, we really do need to remember the Holocaust.
I've always thought that there was something mean-spirited about Helen Thomas. I mean, I remember her from when I was a kid. One of the lessons I plan to pass on to my offspring is that mean is not sustainable. In HT's case, it was sustainable for a long time, but ultimately all the bad karma gets you.
The JackB said…
Almost always better to be nice.
Anonymous said…
Very well said. Send it to the Triblive website for publication!!!!