Father’s Love Their Daddies Too

(Originally posted here. It provides a good segue for some posts to come.) 
It is not always easy navigating a room full of toys in the dark. Experience dictates that even in a room that has been cleaned up has a couple of stragglers that manage to avoid the toy box. And said stragglers share two things in common.

They will be located in places in which you cannot see them in the dark but still cannot avoid stepping on them. The second trait is worse than the first because it is the guarantee that the straggler will have sharp, pointy edges that instinctively know how to create maximum pain in whatever part of your body comes in contact with them.

In spite of the dangers a father answers the call of the frightened child and does his best to reassure him that it was just a nightmare. The monster receives a punch in the nose, a poke in the eye, a kick in the pants, a fat lip and a broken tuchus. The second monster receives more of the same and the crocodile is swung by its tale and sent into outer space.

Dad is victorious again. All hail the conquering hero as he has prevented another catastrophe.

And then from the dark a voice asks “Daddy, do you ever get scared?” And the response was an affirmative “yes, sometimes I do.”

“Daddy, do you talk to your daddy when you are scared?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Does he talk to his daddy when he is scared?”

“Yes, grandpa does.”

“Boy, it never ends does it.”

And with a smile the proud father agreed and reminded the little boy that no matter how old you are it is always nice to talk to your father.


Captain Dumbass said...

Good post, Jack.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

So sweet!

Keith Wilcox said...

It's very true. We might occasionally think of ourselves as the paragons of self assuredness, but we have dads too. It's interesting that your kid made that connection. My kids just assume I descended from outer space or something. They don't make the connection between my parents and me and them.

The JackB said...

Thanks. I like this one a lot.

The JackB said...

He is a very sweet boy.

The JackB said...

I think that it comes from him having seen so much interaction between us. He still thinks it is strange to hear me say "dad."

Kristen @ Motherese said...

I think your kids are lucky to have a dad like you who comforts their fears with some healthy emotional perspective. And it seems like your son might have picked up your sense of humor. Just maybe.

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

love this jack! heart-warming and oh-so-very- sweet! about the toys in the dark? ours are always the ones that mysteriously make noise when you walk by. and the about that monster's broken tuchus? well played line, friend, very well played indeed! :)

The JackB said...

My kids are funnier than I am. Of course there was the person who told me that I am not funny, but who knows. ;)

The JackB said...

We try here and sometimes we succeed, at least I think. ;)

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