Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #6

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger and as such it is time again for the Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. This is the 6th edition of our weekly series. A collection of posts from the unsung heroes of the parenting gang. Take a moment to read the posts the men have written and let them know that they are appreciated.

Juggling Eric: Just Like Her Daddy
Canadad:Creature of Habit
Clark Kent's Lunchbox:Saving The World Can Be So Blasé: Houston Family Magazine
A Man Among Mommies:Another Birthday Has Past…
Suburban Daddy:Poor Buzz
Dadwagon:A Week on the Warren Wagon 
Pacing In The Panic Room:Liam
Tessa's Dad: #FatherhoodFriday – No worries, be happy
Jack:We Aren't Chickens! A Child Questions Reproduction
Jack: Two Kids & A Dog- Part One
And Triplets Make Six: Tales from the Trips
PapaRocks6:Fatherhood – Reflections on a large family
DC Urban Dad:My girl knows what she likes.....
A Dad's Point of View: It's a Wonderful World -- Really!
Poop and Boogies: Invisible
Almighty Dad: Toyota Recall Hits Home. Not so Bad
Daddy Files:Mommybloggers Rule 
Always Home and Uncool:Shopping with Father
Makes Me Wanna Holler:A Man And His Car - A MMWH PSA
Treppenwitz: The Bread Run
Mocha Dad:Tales of a Toddler
RebelDad:Desperate Househusbands Hit Prime Time
A Dad's Heart: What's Up, Chuck
Ed @ Home Dad: The Smuggler
SAHDPDX: Guest Post: Music Time
Sex and The Single Dad: My First Bra
DaDa Rocks: Four Generations- Isn't That A Special Thing
Dad'sHouse:Blind Date in a Camper Truck
New York Dad:Divide and conquer or fall asleep trying…
Writer Dad:Grammy – A Big Giant Bag of Happily Crazy
Dadvocate: DADvocate Podcast Episode 3 Interview with Chris Jordan

That's it for now. This shouldn't be considered a complete list of the many fine daddy bloggers, but it does provide a small glimpse into our world.

If you like what you see here then please consider becoming a fan of the blog. Have additional questions/comments? Send me an email at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com.

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DaDa Rocks! said...

awesome round up of blogs...

just for the official records - I'm a New York Fan (Yankees and Mets)

Jack Steiner said...

Yanks and Mets... What about the Giants and the Jets?

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