A Holiday Gift Guide- Some Unusual Gifts

Here at The Shack we are well aware that Chanukah is less than a month away and as a result we have done absolutely no shopping for those eight crazy nights.

After all, what fun would it be to do all of our shopping in advance. It would remove the sheer joy of fighting crowds for parking and being assaulted mentally, emotionally and verbally during those fabulous trips through the mall.

Besides we like sharing this experience with our Gentile friends who have to help out that joyful fat man with his adventures in chimney cleaning and present deliveries. So we are pleased to present to you the first post on potential gifts for the holidays with a post about unusual yet useful gifts for the holidays.

Today's featured gift idea is one that I mused about inventing on Twitter.

I thought that it was a great idea. So did @JessicaGottlieb and @AintYoMamasBlog.  In fact following the Tweets we exchanged I contemplated trying to find a way to invent this product. But as it turns out someone already has and since old Jack is a good sport I am happy to give them a free plug here.

The Calmar Consulting Corporation offers AquaNotes which offers you the chance to write in the shower or the tub. And because Jack is a romantic old fool we'll even share this next section with you:

The development of AquaNotes® made this Shower Thinker’s life more complete. But, in truth, he had only begun to understand the concept of "complete".  After reuniting with a long-lost love, he married and a new necessity arose…the need to have a special water-proof notepad on which to leave love notes in the shower for his new, wonderful bride. That’s when Aqua LoveNotes® was created.
Those love notes would be very useful. It is a great way to leave your special someone a note reminding them that you are tired of finding their hair everywhere or that there are a number of special things that they can do to send you off to work with a smile in the morning.

Or even a simple, "I appreciate the way that you fold my napkin in my lunchbox. Thank you sweetheart." Of course that assumes that you still carry a lunchbox. Some of us never outgrow those cool units from the '70s.

Later on we'll be glad to offer some standard gift selections for you. In the interim here is a list of some unique items that just might be of interest to someone you know.

It is A Bathroom Revolution
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How Velcro Was Invented
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Untapped Sources of Energy

The Mangroomer
Business Cards That Will Get You Business
Medical Technology- The future is now

Inventions You have Got To Have (Includes the ladies urinal, toilet forehead support system and much more.)
The Nose Pouch
How Much Would it Cost To Build The Death Star

Lose Weight With The Greatest Exercise Ever
The Best Clothing You'll Ever Own
When Disaster Strikes- Blow Up Your House
A free guide to the toilets of the world


feefifoto said...

What's wrong with just writing in the steam on the shower door with your finger?

Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

Don't you hate when you invent something and learn that it has already been invented? I love the list. Going to go check out all of these regally random things. Oh, and I think I will splurge on some AquaNotes too.

Great post.

Jack Steiner said...


What do you do when the steam fades?


I have a million ideas, one of them has to work. ;)

Ann Imig said...

Ha! Thanks for the tips.

Realdadshangout said...

This is a great idea however in this economy I have found it more economical to use my kids bathtub crayon set. I write something dirty and foul on the shower tile and my wife washes it away as soon as she sees it! :)

Jack Steiner said...


Happy to help.

Real dad,

That is a good idea.

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