Valentine's Day- A Day That Should Live In Infamy

If for some reason you are unable to listen to the audiopost above let me give you a basic rundown on what it contains. It is a repeat of my call to arms for men to free ourselves from the bonds of servitude of forced romance. It is time to rise up and remove the shackles, to no longer be burdened with trying to serve a cruel master.

Valentine's Day is a fake holiday whose sole design is to use pain and suffering to guilt people into spending money on foolish cards and foolish gifts.

I say enough is enough. It is long past time for us to push this sad day into the dustbin of history. Ban the day from our lexicon, rise up and be free. Romance should be spontaneous and not forced.

Frak this holiday. So say we all.


chosha said...

I made a card. It cost me nothing except the ten minutes to find the pictures (I printed it at work).

Celebrating Valentine's is okay. It's only being a slave to it that sucks.

Jack Steiner said...


Being a slave to anything is rough.

Anonymous said...

I think you're missing something Jack. My husband and I look forward to Valentine's Day. We usually find a way to spend some time together. We have some plans for the weekend.

A reminder of love isn't the worst thing in the world.

Michael said...

Here in Israel, 14 Feb is known as 'yom hamishpacha,' or 'family day.' People will do stuff with their kids, or give their spouse some flowers, or give mom and dad a cute picture from preschool.

Or ignore it, and no one makes a big deal.

Jack Steiner said...

I think you're missing something Jack.

Yes, a flame thrower to take on the million man march. ;)

Family day. I like it.

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