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A Valentine's Day Card

Men, if you're like me and you wish to protest against the holiday one way to do so is to hand out this as a card. Please note that I take no responsibility for any positive or negative response generated as a result of the card.


Perhaps it is inappropriate to say so, but my male college friends bowed down to Valentine's Day as "International Steak and a Blow Job" day.
Elie said…
This is good advise for treating all employees, regardless of gender. Wish all of my supervisors were this considerate!
Why should this lead to a negative response?
Anonymous said…
Aside from the patronizing "woman are teachable" tag, the bullet points on the postcard are quite reasonable, and apply to all employees.

To do the opposite -- put workers in uncomfortable work areas, reprimand them, ignore them when they do something good -- seems like plain bad management.