February 18, 2009

Strange Links

I used to rely upon Blogrolling.com to display my reading list. It was a work in progress that was updated on a regular basis. At least until Blogrolling.com was hacked and removed the ability to edit the blogroll.

For a while I stood pat and waited to see if they'd restore the editing function. But in time I grew impatient and decided to switch to Blogger's "Blog list." It made sense to do so I want the ability to add/subtract blogs/news sites without any delay.

Anyhoo, I have noticed that some of my posts are now showing up as links to posts of other bloggers on the list. However, I haven't linked to them within the body of the bost. So there must be something in the code that is causing this to happen.

Kind of odd, but I suppose that there are worse things.

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