Gaza Update Number 6

We are continuing our series of round ups of news and information about the War in Gaza. We have been informed by a number of reliable sources that things are on the verge of really heating up. With that in mind we may slow down a bit so that we can keep up later. We shall see.

This marks installment number 6 about the conflict in Gaza.

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In the MSM we have procured the following links for your review and consideration:

The Washington Post Ephraim Sneh explains Why Israel Is Bombing Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post has several articles No tears for Hamas leader in Ramallah, IAF hits cell that fired at Ashkelon and an article in which the Egyptian Foreign Minister says Hamas must stop firing rockets.

Uh oh, CNN reports that Hamas is clamoring for more blood. What a shock, more flowery rhetoric about revenge. Let's not forget that Nizar Rayan was pushing for more suicide attacks. Ever wonder why their leaders don't lead by strapping a bomb to themselves.

The Times Online says that Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone.

From Reuters Palestinian arrested, charged for Denmark shooting.

And now on to the blogosphere:

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Ezzie sent in a tip to go check out a blog called IDF Spokesperson.

Westbankmama says The Magic Word is “Harta’a

The Rasmussen Report says Americans Closely Divided Over Israel’s Gaza Attacks.

In a post called Progressive Blogs and Zionist Concern Trolls American Power Blog suggests we should read about the intra-ideological debate taking place among progressive bloggers.

Want to see some suggestions for how to help Israel? Go read The Rebbitzin's Husband.

Soccer Dad continues his round ups and links to The Watcher's Council here which includes a number of posts about the war.

Judeopundit shares his Required reading. I'd include this post among many that you should read:

Egyptian Foreign Minister Slams Hamas Again...

The Shwarma Mayor (Ok, now I am hungry) blogged about the rockets reaching Dimona in Times-Onlines: Israel Nuclear Plant in Battle Zone, Really?!

Meryl's right, Someone shut Hamas up already, please.

At the American Thinker they are Confronting Hamas' Genocidal Jew-Hatred.

Israel Matzav discusses whether turning Gaza over to Fatah would improve things.

Go to Mere Rhetoric and read about the classy actions of Hamas:

Video: Hamas Brags About Using Women And Children As Human Shields and

Gaza Hospitals Overflowing With Hamas Weapons, Palestinian Vigilante Murder

That's it for now, more to come.


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