Gaza Update #6.5

"Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster."
General William Tecumseh Sherman

The War in Gaza continues and there are mixed reports about what is going on. We are continuing to provide you with a round up of news reports and blog posts regarding the war. The round up includes professional analysis, front line reports as well as human interest stories.

The goal is to provide you with a more complete picture than you would receive solely by watching the news or surfing the net on your own.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:
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Let's get started by presenting a report from CNN that says bombs continue to fall as tanks wait on the outskirts of Gaza.

Xinhua reports that Hezbollah says Israel would be surprised by Hamas rockets. The article says that Israel will be surprised by the range of the rockets. Sounds to me like a good reason to continue the offensive.

The BBC reports that a variety of stars have issued a ridiculous call for an end to bombing. Where were they when the rockets were falling on Sderot and why do they not condemn Hamas.
JPost says Israel to treat more injured Gazans.

Caroline Glick's piece Column One: Hamas's march to victory is worth reading. She questions the wisdom of the government and what their goals are.

One more JPost piece about what is going on in The Arab Street.

The Times Online reports Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza.

Andrew Sullivan writes that Israel holds the higher moral ground but faces some challenges in
Some Truths for Now

Glenn Greenwald claims that the US doesn't spend time discussing American interests when it comes to Israel in More oddities in the U.S. "debate" over Israel/Gaza.

From the IHT Divisions deep at Arab league meeting.

From Breitbart On eve of his death, Hamas leader in Gaza predicted victory. Guess again.

From the blogosphere:

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Powerline shared The Conflict's Root Cause

The IDF has a blog called IDF Spokesperson.

At Seraphic Secret you should read Gaza: A Matzav Within The Matzav.

Daled Amos came across a Podcast From Gaza.

Want to know the character of Hamas? Go read:

Video: Hamas Prepares Army Of Women And Children To Be Suicide Bombers During Urban Warfare

Bookworm's post How to define proportionality in the face of evil should be read.

Don't forget to read But it’s anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism.

Judeopundit shared New horizons in nonsense. A look at ridiculous remarks made by Norman Finkelstein.

Israpundit follows up on the Caroline Glick column with a post called Israel is capitulating.

Esser Agaroth has a list of updates and good links that merit attention, including the S'deroth Media Center.

The Elder has some good posts Quick fisking of Richard Falk and Secondary explosions - another shortcoming of international law.

Solomonia has a good round up of news and information here.


Life in Israel has a map that provides a look at the range of the rockets.

A Blog For All has some good statistics to review in Operation Cast Lead: Day 7.

Hot Air asks the rhetorical question, Gloves coming off?

Mottel blogged Social Media and How it Will Help Israel Win the War.
Soccer Dad's post The memeorandum difference shows that we are getting the word out there.

Ezzie has suggestions for Where To Read About The War.

Avodah Ivrit discusses Common Sense.

Stay Tuned for more update throughout the day and beyond.


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Thanks for the link. I've updated my link to you.

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