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Was on a different blog earlier today and stumbled onto REM's song Superman. FWIW, I don't think that the sound quality of that video is all that good, but it is another one of those songs that I have always kind of enjoyed.

It is from their album Lifes Rich Pageant. If you click on that last link you'll see that it came out in '86 during my high school days. 1986, hmm...I guess that for some of you that makes me sound really young and to some really old, but I digress.

If you read further down the link you'll see that they mention the song Cuyahoga which will make the Shmata Queen happy even though she left the land of the burning river behind decades ago.

As a high school kid the lyrics kind of caught my attention. They were simple, yet effective. I suspect that at least one person reading this will appreciate them the way that I do.

"(Godzilla doll opens in Japanese with 'This is a special news report.
Godzilla has been sighted in Tokyo Bay. The attack on it by the Self-Defense
Force has been useless. He is heading towards the city. AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!')

I am I am I am Superman and I know what's happening
I am I am I am Superman and I can do anything

You don't really love that guy you make it with now do you
I know you don't love that guy cause I can see right through you

If you go a million miles away I'll track you down girl
Trust me when I say I know the pathway to your heart"

If we continue with the topic we have to hit John William's score for the Superman movies and a confession. Sometimes when I am working out and find myself growing tired I put this song on. Most of the time it works.

Second confession. In college I once decided to try to jump onto my bed from about ten feet away. I figured that if I was going to try to fly I might as well have the appropriate music playing. So I took a moment to clear some space, my own personal runway and then turned on the music.

Good old Jack started moving. My feet were pounding the floor and in no time at all I reached maximum velocity and launched myself into the air. If we only had the video footage you'd see two hundred pounds of twenty year old easily clear the bed and slam into the wall. There was nothing graceful about it.

Fortunately I wasn't hurt and I didn't go through the wall, although my shoulder felt like it did.

Third confession. You'd think that having crashed into the wall once would have been enough to convince me not to do this again. Nope, I had to try several more times from different distances because one must always know just what they are capable of.

At a later date I might have to share the stories of when I flew through the closet doors or headbutted a hole in the wall. And people wonder why I hope that my kids have more sense than I did. ;)

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