December 15, 2008

Monday Midafternoon Music

Ok, time for a quick summary of some of what I have been listening to today.

Superman- REM
Sweet Child of Mine- Guns N' Roses
Sweet Lullaby- Deep Forest
Tadarida- Batman Begins Soundtrack
Tom's Diner- Suzanne Vega
Mary, Mary- Run DMC
Turn Up The Radio- Autograph
Vincent- Don McLean
Viva Las Vegas- Elvis Presley
You Get What You Give- New Radicals
Cleveland Rocks- The Shmata Queen Sings
You Can Leave Your Hat On- Joe Cocker
Coming to America- Neil Diamond
Since I've Been Loving You- Led Zeppelin


One Wink at a Time said...

Great tunes, Jack! I need to check out Tom's Diner, I love S. Vega.
I listened to Vincent yesterday, as a matter of fact. It's one of my favorite songs. A good friend was in NYC over the weekend and got to see 5 Van Goghs, one of my favorite artists. We sang our favorite parts of Vincent in the parking lot after work. Hehe. We're cool like that ;-)
And you MUST hear Shawn Colvin's Viva Las Vegas. It's in my top ten favorite songs of all time.
And Leave Your Hat On... you guessed it, from one of my favorite movies, one I'd forgotten about.

Jack said...

I have always liked Van Gogh. I suppose that you're talking about The Full Monty. I liked it too.