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I Hate The Holiday Season Continued

I Hate The Holiday Season

The Salvation Army Bell Ringer Doesn't Like Me

I Wished Death Upon Santa

I Killed The Easter Bunny

Happy Holidays is An Appropriate Greeting


Anonymous said…
Fantastic. We want more of this. I am sick of self-righteous types and on the other end of the spectrum, those determined to commercialise every festival going, whatever it's origins.

Great start to a Monday for me!

Leora said…
I have a hard time doing photography memes (I visit their photos and comment, they visit mine) at this time of year. Too many hohohos and cutesy moose and photos at malls that I have a hard time saying, oh, that is so wonderful!
Jack Steiner said…

It feels oppressive.


It gets old really quickly. I am looking forward to the new year.