Haveil Havalim #196- My Kids Wish It Was Chanukah Already

Welcome to Haveil Havalim #196, The My Kids wish it were Chanukah edition. If you are unfamiliar this the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere's weekly blog carnival. It is a roundup of posts from around the Jblogosphere. It doesn't matter if you are new or old to the Jblogosphere, this is one of the best ways to find out what is going on.

If you are on Facebook don't forget to join our group. It is the place where you can go and share thoughts and ideas about posts, carnivals and other important information. In just a moment we're going to send you to the carnival, but before we do I have a video to help get you pumped up.


Ben-Yehudah presents Some Likud Afterthoughts. Westbankmama presents The "Rebels" Have Returned and Win By A Technicality, Lose By One Too.

muse presents Trying To Make Sense Out Of Israeli Democracy,Dirty Tricks-- Likud Style and The "Real Likud".

Ben-Yehudah presents Translation: "Reprogramming". Over at the Muqata you can read Israel's Left/Right to Visit Each Other.

Yechezkel shared a right- wing perspective on the Israeli judicial system in general and the Valis trial in particular.

Over at Jerusalemite you can read A conversation with Gil Peled, eco-architect or you can find out if Jerusalem has a soup nazi hiding out in the old city. Speaking of soup, if you remember Chocolate Soup raise your hands.

And as long as we're playing let's remember I'll pull out Ritchies Pizza. Sometimes I miss that place, or maybe I just miss the Israel I remember from my youth.

More on this at a different time. Because as long as you have been hanging out at Jerusalemite you might as well read about cleaning for Bambi.

Mumbai is still on people's minds.

Dry Bones has a cartoon about Hindu Zionists. Israpundit blogged Muslims, though small in number begin to protest terrorism.

Rafi has the story and video about a rabbi who sings in gratitude for the survivors of Mumbai. You should take a look at A Tribute To Rav Gavriel Noach Holtzberg z"l.

Don't forget to see “Now We Are All Lubavitch.”

From Yid With Lid, William Pfaff -->Mumbai Was The Jews Fault ????

Read more at In Memorium. Gabi & Rivky Holtzberg H"YD and Religion and State in Israel - December 8, 2008 (Section 1).

Section two includes a number of articles: Jerusalem's new secular Mayor Barkat brings Haredim into coalition and much more. To see them Click here.

Mississippi Fred wonders if you can identify the man in this picture. Torat Yisrael has a post that says that Microsoft is supporting Hezbollah's webmail.

Eric presents Prime Ministers in History: Menachem Begin. Israel Chronicles shared Tis the Season- or NOT.

Batya shared one of her greatest mistakes.

Esser Agaroth shared Oh, NOW, They're Upset...

From EOZ we have "Slaughter the Jews", Abbas: "Free Gaza" a joke, PA pays 70,000 Gazans and Le Monde: Hamas isn't really that bad! .

Benji has been eavesdropping Overheard on Galgalatz! You have to love a country where the bus drivers are so friendly. But then again maybe life can be a bit explosive.

From Meryl, British anti-Israel profs lose the fight. Rutimizrachi presents "...where everybody knows your name..." #1.

Go visit Weekend Hospitality and read about Organ Donors in Israel.


The Rebbetzin's Husband offers sound advice with What's the first thing to teach children about Judaism? Jewish Atheist blogged about wearing the Frum Costume.

Frum Cynic talked about hats in Black and White. Daled Amos discussed the Kosher Quandary.
The Real Shaliach is Connecting the Anniversary.

Schvach Yid presents Schvach - פני דל. Jacob has a question for the editors of Yeshiva World.

Lion of Zion has a post called Sforno's Jewish Work Ethic.

At Miriam's ideas she discusses threats to Judaism in a post called Bigot. Shira has a thought about Rivka Imenu.

From Judeopundit we have IRNA: "Jewish shrine in Iran registered as national work"

Avraham Rephael (aka Bar Kochba) presents "But some of my best friends are Jewish..."

At Jewlicious you can read about how Treif kills. Are you looking for Chanukah gifts? There are suggestions at EnLightening Gifts.

Esther is helping to pass the candle.

Mother in Israel discusses Breastfeeding and Judaism.

At Frum Satire you can read about the 20 types of guys that every yeshiva has. Hungry? Visit Raizy to learn about Cooking Kosher In A Small Kitchen.

Male and female relationships are covered in a post called Why, as a wife, I still want to see other men.


At Fiery Spirited Zionist you can read about England's Death Knell. The Ima wants to know if you can pray for the economy.

How about taking a gander at FDR versus Kashrut. Yid With Lid offered: Martin Indyk-->Time To SCREW ISRAEL.

Seraphic Secret introduces us to a new publication called Big Hollywood. Something tells me that Schvach isn't a fan of the Big Three.

Fausta's Blog discusses the row caused by Sarkozy's support of Israel. The inimitable Soccer Dad says Silly rabid antisemite hugs are for thugs.

Who knew that Iron Man is Jewish. Speaking of comic books and religion I have a link here that some people might enjoy.

The Velveteen Rabbi has a list of conference posts from The Rabbis For Human Rights conference.

Political party blames feminism for destruction of Israel says Writes Like She Talks. While you are there don't forget to take a look at the Jewish history of Obama home in Chicago.

Yid With Lid shared the story about a judge who says that Jews should be denied bail because they might be a flight risk.

Hubscubs discussed corruption. Solomonia shared Theodore Dalrymple: The Decay and Fall of the West.


Friar Yid presents a post about his grandfather called Reflections on a Yarzeit. Mommy Going Meshugganah had Thanksgiving with the Sailors.

LOZ related the story of Junior and the Cleaning lady.

Yehuda enjoyed a meal at a Waffle House the question is did the waiters enjoy him. ;) Sadly it wasn't at Jameel's Famous Waffle factory. Maybe next time.

Some of you might be interested in taking Anger Management tips from The Rebbetzin's Husband.

rutimizrachi presents Winter Colors, Created By Kids and Ki Yachol Nuchal!: The Nes of the Nachash.

On my blog I posted I am In Love and shared a conversation with my daughter called Dear Santa Take a Memo.

NY's Funniest Rabbi has a post that to me is sort of what blogging is all about go read Kriyat Shma Al HaLaptop.

Shtetl Fabulous presents They Feel the Heat, The Heat Between Me and You.

Carol has a very cool painting here.

Therapydoc asks What's In a Name.

Come here and join the discussion about Jewish athletes.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of haveil havalim using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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rutimizrachi said...

Thanks for the 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes, Jack. I'm bookmarking this, and playing it any time I feel challenged. Heh-LO-oh! I have teenagers, and live in Israel. You can expect to hear this thing blaring from my speakers at least twice each day.

Phyllis Sommer said...

very nice.

i've seen the video, it cracks me up....

happy almost chanukah!

SuperRaizy said...

Thank you, Jack!

Batya said...

Great job! Thanks for the links.

Carol Feldman said...

Thank you, Jack! Nice job. And the video came just in time to send to my son for his last final!

Jill said...

Thank you not only for hosting but for spelling Chanukah almost exactly the same way I do! I don't put the "h" on the end, but otherwise, even my kids make fun of me for my preferred spelling. So there! :)

Lady-Light said...

Jack, this is great (even though I haven't posted since Nov. 30th, and that one was featured in the last Haveil Havalim).
I like the way you spaced apart each listing-much more readable that way.

I am so interested in reading 3/4 to ALL of the blog posts featured here, that I don't know where to begin. It's why I never get anything done...!
p.s. -I also spell Chanukah this way; exactly like the Ivrit, with a "hey" at the end.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Ruti,

I keep playing it myself. It is a lot of fun.

Hi Phyllis,

Happy almost Chanukah to you too. Hope that the Chicago winter is being kind.


My pleasure.


Thank you.


Hope it helps your son.


If the kids make fun of your spelling it is time to pull them out of cleveland and send them somewhere else. Preferably where the river doesn't spontaneously burst into flames. ;)


Glad that it works for you. It is a pain sometimes to translate from Ivrit into Anglit. I sometimes wonder if someone can really say that the English version is misspelled.

ahuva said...

Thanks! I wish it were already Chnnuka too, but alas the sufganiyot will have to wait. Speaking of which, has anybody ever noticed the sufganiyot eaten ON channuka don't have the same guilty pleasure as eating it before?

Baila said...

Great job, thank you!

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks, Jack, for the links, and the "Did you get ANY sleep this weekend?" efforts on this week's edition.

One thing, though, isn't it edition no. 195?

HH 195 is up

Shtetl Fabulous said...

Thanks for putting this together and for including me. I love learning about new blogs from these HHs.

nmf #7 said...

Thanks for the link- and Chanukah Sameach!
By the way- is it 196 or 195? I thought the last one was 194....

Jack Steiner said...


Guilty pleasures are so much fun. Sufganiyot are right up there.


No problem.


Nope, slept far too little.


Glad that you enjoyed it. I like putting them together.


This is #198 or maybe it is 283. I can't remember.

rickismom said...

Hate to say it, but you left my post out. Sent it on the 18th and the carnival sent a receipt. Anyway, it was this:


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