November 04, 2008

Yosemite Sam- Voting

Is it just me or do I sound a bit like Yosemite Sam. Just a short blurb in which I say that I am ready for the election to end. I am tired of all of the campaign rhetoric and the fingerpointing. I am tired of the stupid posts in which bloggers say that anyone who votes for McCain/Obama is an idiot.

Some people have spent time educating themselves about the candidates and their platforms and based upon this education they have come to a decision about who to vote for. The fact that they do not support your candidate is not in and of itself proof of a lack of intelligence.


frumpunk said...

Jack, I appreciate what you're saying, but that fact is that everyone who disagrees with me is not only wrong, but possibly a Muslim terrorist Mexican Nazi. With bad breath.

Jack said...


Nice. :)