Most Popular Posts of Q3

So in the midst of the Thanksgiving rush I decided to share with you what the blog tracker from Ice Rocket says are the most popular posts of the quarter. It should be noted that I don't necessarily think of these posts as being among my best.

The Duggar Family Revisited
The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
Going Commando
What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?
Morality Without Religion- A Comment to The Self-Righteous
Anger Management
Besheret- The Concept of Meeting the Perfect Mate
Weird Signs
The Electoral College
No! No! No! Eye Tattoos Are Out
How To Hunt Really Big Game
Using The Blog To Build A Community
My BeardWhat Benefits Do You Receive From Being President
Alone In The Dark
Cheap Sunglasses

And just for the heck of it here are a few others I stumbled onto:
The Worst Album Covers- Ethel Merman Disco Mix
Cheeseburger Leads to 911 Call


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jack, all the way from the UK.


Jack Steiner said...

Thanks Rachel.

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

belated happy th'gvng - hope shabbos was nice - this seems like fun - keeping track - your posts sure are eclectic.

Jack Steiner said...

Eclectic is a good thing, I like it. Shavua Tov.

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