Vocabulary Time Part 9

It is vocabulary time again. Here is part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part 6, part seven and part eight. As always we'll try not to repeat ourselves.
Abligurition- n.[L. abligurito, fr. abligurire to spend in luxurious indulgence; ab + ligurire to be lickerish, dainty, fr. lingere to lick.]
Prodigal expense for food. [Obs.] Bailey.
Anililagnia- an attraction to older women.
Armsaye: the armhole in clothing.
Euneirophrenia: peace of mind after a pleasant dream.
Suppedaneum: foot support for crucifix victims.
: V. The act of entering through a window, usually surreptitiously.
Vatic-adj.Of or characteristic of a prophet; oracular.

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