Haveil Havalim #173: The Wait For Avrech To Name It Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of Haveil Havalim, the Best of the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere. Read, comment and enjoy.


Breath of The Beast says Sometimes War IS the Answer- Ask any Recovering Victim of Abuse. LOZ asks/states The Consolidation of Two Israels?

Seraphic Secret asks and answers Will Israel Attack Iran? Duh. Check out the TerrorWonk's Force vs. FARC: Israel's Contribution.

Judeopundit covered MPAC-UK asks "Will The Zio-Powers Attack Iran?"

This Normal Life asks Bridge of Strings: Monstrosity or Beauty?

At Tzipiyah you can read "If you Will it, It is no Dream"" Binyamin Zeev Herzl. Soccer Dad has news about Israel's International Influence (The Good Kind).

Imagine that you are a screenwriter and in search of new material you might want to read the following: Israel Becoming Popular Source For TV Shows In US.

Yid With Lid says that Norman Finkelstein Hits NEW LOW and shares Abbas' PA Continues Anti-Israel Blood Libel.

Tomer Devorah says Eisav Wants the Birthright Back. Ben-Yehudah wrote More Tapu'ah Nights Live!

I don't think that most bus riders are interested in this sort of rout. Imshin has strong feelings take a look at Despicable man.

Leora's post When Ancient is New reminded me of an amazing experience I had in Hezekiah's tunnel.

At Antigonos' Annals you can read about The Cousins. In other news The Velveteen Rabbi spends a day with ICAHD -- the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

You might want to read Avodah Aravit. At Shiloh Musings you can read That's Why!


The XGH asks Why people become Conservative. Hirhurim shared Symposium: Why People Become Orthodox IV.

Ilana -Davita offered Before Pirkei Avot: The Torah. From Writing The Wrongs Secular Don't Want 'Judaism' - But Seek 'Torah'.

This sort of behavior is unacceptable, Israel - Followers Make Plane Wait 90 Minutes for Rabbi and His Staff.

Ima Shalom shared He's a He, I'm a She. KRG discussed Holey Cow!

Sheyna wants to know Yes, But Did It Speak?

From Ezzie we have Charedi Community: The Good & The Bad. On a different tack you should Gila's post Ki Iti El"

Yaldah Publishing has a A Shabbos-Related Reading Poll. LOZ sent in The Histical Resonance of Yiftach (or an Ancient-Day Prof. Kedar).

You can help provide answers on a survey about Yiddish words. Want to know more, click here.

Dan writes The All-Spiritual Afterlife, the Torah, and Me. (Jewish Olam Haba) Part Four and The All-Spiritual Afterlife, the Torah, and Me. Part Five .

Shira offers How to put on the head tefillin undercover and a useful discussion about Frumspeak, so you can ask her what to do about the BT's who are learning the ABCs with the FFBs etc. Just remember to use your thumbs while talking.

Jameel has the scoop on the Anywhere in Israel program.

Abacaxi Mamão wrote Text Two: Torah's Relationship to Me. While over at the Jew and the Carrot they have Hummus-related Mishegaas.

That leads me to The Jerusalemite who says make it a Hummus Weekend. And to complete the hummus trifecta go read This and That.

A Simple Jew continues to run his Q&A series With Akiva Of Mystical Paths - "Aseh Lecha Rav"
Prof K discusses appropriate reading in Moving Beyond Fishele and Fraydele.

Yehuda shared Four Assumptions Created the Bible: a Lecture by Prof James Kugel.

Batya asks a question at The Pigua and The Parsha. LOZ blogged Hallel and No Tahanun for July 4th.

Rafi has the skinny on The next ban: Vaseline and Hellman's Mayonnaise. From Yo Yenta you can read Southern Jewish Life in the News, Part One.

RivkA discussed Shabbat in Hareisha. Cosmic X presents The Amazing Private M., Bravery, and the Spirit of the Lord.

Therapydoc has the scoop on Single Jewish Female Seeks. . .


Frume Sarah is Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Barbara's post is Just Because They Are Women.

My buddy Attila is proud to say We can believe in it. Boker Tov Boulder has words for The Huffington Post.

Daled Amos remarks If You Think The Price of Gas Here Is Bad--Look At Israel .

There are all sorts of lessons to be had from reading the classics. Consider this: Jane Austen on Killing Jihadists.

Jewish Atheist has a blurb about a new blog. Over at Writes Like She Talks you can mull over Immigration - remember that topic?

From our friend the Elder of Ziyon UNRWA official shows his bias.

Meryl is upholding her second amendment rights. Revolvers are great for taking care of cat problems, oops, probably best not to mention my love for felines to her.

Smooth shared Muslims continue to lie about Jews in America.

Someone should ask Bernie what he thinks about PETA. Or perhaps take a moment to ask DryBones about Iran's Missiles.

At My Right Word read Support Harry's Place. At Solomonia you can peruse Cairo to Damascus: Recruiting for the Jihad in Britain.

Gateway Pundit wrote about more shameful behavior from the Iranians: Iran Pulls Swimmer From Olympic Trials After He Draws Same Heat As Israeli Athlete.

Daniel Pipes blogged How Europe's Counterterrorism Laws Differ from America's.


We learn from Verbatim the name of the American breakfast joint that Jameel The Waffle Master is intent on crushing.

Juggling Frogs is blogging again. Check out My knife block overfloweth.

Gila discussed Miracle Hunting. The Babysitter isn't fond of Spoiling Children.

Over at Tzvee's blog you can read about another Jewish ballplayer, Times: Youkilis is an All Star (TTB: and a Jew).

Soccer Dad found A Contrived Palindrome, Madam I'm Adam. ;) I probably should pay attention to what the good rabbi has to say at I'm not deceiving myself, I just think positively.

Besides he offers The Next Phase in Rabbinic Training: SimCity, SimPlant, SimChildren, SimShuls.

Our favorite cartoon character Snoopy knows The real Harun Yahya and UCU conundrum - remarks of an outsider.

Heshy has an answer for what to tell your date if you need a long bathroom break. Sometimes the secret language is not a secret at all.

Frume Sarah knows about The Darkened Corners . Balashon explores av and em.

Perhaps someone can explain why a Walk in The Mall is so difficult. Sometimes the wish you make is answered many years later. Read a A Balding Scalp.

Elisson shared GOING BROKE(N) .
Sarah did a bit of guest blogging with The (Suit)case of the "Disappearing" Shofarot.

Shira is going to help organize a blogger get together. I wrote The Challenge of Aging
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Thank you Jack for including my post.

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Wow, you included a post I didn't submit (my wife {The Blogger} and I have been in the States [but I'm back]) and only posted late last night after Shabbat. Kudos on that and on the entire HH!

Esser Agaroth said...


Hey, Dude

Your problem is that you don't surf nearly enough.

HH #173

I'm not sure where that comment came from, but whatever.

I'll take the reins from here, shall I?

Leora said...

Good job, Jack. Especially the top billboard. I like that one.

toby said...

That was a very thorough edition - thanks for including me!
(by the way, I'm partial to the truck...)

Phyllis Sommer said...

Love the billboards/trucks...but the bberry is the best! Great reading, thanks.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Cool edition. Salutary job, not to mention all the audio/visual effects.

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Another great job.

Yay -- thanks for including me! I LOVE the visuals. Tell me (offline, of course) how you did it!!!

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Great job.
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Good job as usual!

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Many thanks for the mention!

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Great images!

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Thanks for the link.

Haveil Havalim #173

This was an important issue.

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Any time.


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Couldn't do it. :)


Thank you.


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Happy to do so.


We try.

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Okay, rewrite done Haveil Havalim #173 is now The Evelyn Keyes Edition.

Thanks so much for including my posts.

Great job all around.

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