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The Princess Speaks

Here is an exchange my daughter and I had last night.

Daughter: I want to watch Dora.
Me: Don't you want to watch the game with me?

Daughter: No. I want to see Boots and Dora.
Me: We'll have to do that later, the Lakers are coming on now.

Daughter: I am the princess and I make the rules.
Me: I am the king and this is my castle.

Daughter: Who tells the king what to do?
Me: Everyone.

Daughter: Everyone? But does the king have to listen?
Me: Nope, he is the king and he makes the rules.

Daughter: Ok daddy. I'll watch the game with you.
Me: Thanks sweetheart.


Anonymous said…
Nice :)

Can you take a picture of you with your crown on?

BTW, are you going to the Israel Festival at Brandeis in 2 weeks?
orieyenta said…
I can't believe you didn't give into the the whole Dora and boots thing.

Jewish American Princess should trump King anytime. ;)
Leora said…
And she bought into it? The king story?

In our house, I would welcome Dora. However, my fiendish sons taught my daughter how to watch Cartoon Network on the Internet recently. Yuck.
Anonymous said…
aw what a total cutie.
you are very convincing :)
Baila said…
Enjoy it while it lasts. Your reign will end pretty soon, I'm guessing.
Jack Steiner said…
BTW, are you going to the Israel Festival at Brandeis in 2 weeks?



No way.


Got to start early, or the inmates will take over.


She is.


I try.


My reign will last forever. She loves waffles. ;)
benning said…
The Princess sounds like a real sweetie!
kelly said…
Your daughter's so sweet!