Johnny and June- A Rough Draft

Been working on Fragments of Fiction. Here is a new piece that I just started working on. It is a bit rough in places.

Johnny loved his Junebug. She was his air and his sunshine. He started and ended each day with a silent prayer of thanks to the lord for sending June into his life.

Johnny had been in love before. He had had his heart broken more than once and he had survived. He hadn’t just survived; he had fallen in love again and moved on. That is what Old John did. He survived.

When life knocked him down he dusted himself off and picked himself back up again. He reveled in being a tough guy and enjoyed telling stories that portrayed himself in that fashion. What he didn’t realize was that the tough guy persona was something that he used to protect himself. It was a way of trying to keep people at a distance.

He was good at it. If you didn’t let people in you weren’t ever at risk for getting hurt.

The funny thing was that June just walked right in. He couldn’t tell you how it happened. Couldn’t describe exactly how, why or when she became his best friend. All he could do was acknowledge that it had happened.

So it really isn’t all that surprising to write that one day he woke up and realized that he was madly, passionately in love with June. It wasn’t the plain old garden variety of love either. Johnny was devoted to her.

When they were apart there was a physical ache in his side. He didn’t just miss her, he MISSED her.

Johnny didn’t like feeling so dependent upon anyone. It wasn’t just that it didn’t fit the tough guy image, it scared him. He never would have admitted it, but he was truly afraid of what life without her would be like.

Most of the time he didn’t worry about that. His Junebug did a fine job of expressing herself. He always felt her love and her warmth. It gave him strength. She thrived off taking care of him. She doted upon him. He got that special smile that no one else got. Her best was always reserved for her Johnny.

Not unlike many women, June was always concerned that she look good for Johnny. She loved seeing the desire in his eyes and knowing that he wanted her. If you left it at that you might think that it was shallow, but the truth was that it was more than that.

June loved Johnny because he understood, accepted and appreciated her. She felt comfortable around him in a way that she never did with anyone else. June loved her Johnny for that.

When things were good with the two of them they were really good and when they were bad, well it is not an exaggeration to say that the world felt cold and dark.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful.

Right Truth said...

That's great. You need to do another chapter or another post.

We're starting a new series at Right Truth, fiction, with one chapter each week, or maybe each month. The first chapter should be out in the next few days.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Jack Steiner said...



Hi Debbie,

I have a ton of fiction. This is part of the story. I'd be honored to have it featured at Right Truth.

Anonymous said...

I want hear more about them. Please continue.


junebug said...

omg my real name is june and my partner is jonny and we have just read this and it is us it is like u have describe your life to a t can wait until the next chapter

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