April 11, 2008

I Am Taking Requests...

It is reader feedback time. If you have anything special you'd like me to blog about let me know. 


Shai Clarence Mischiefmaker said...

I'd like to know the remez behind dancing and boxing in your motto, and from where the name "Jack's Shack" came from.

Jack said...


I'll see what I can do.

Abbadon said...

I'd like to know what the hell "remez" means...

Leora said...

missing the toilet:
I don't really want to read a post about this. But I thought you might enjoy WRITING a post about this. And some of your (male?) readers may enjoy reading this.

Remez=hint (modern Hebrew)

But then I found this:
Remez is the allegorical meaning. Derash includes the metaphorical meaning, and Sod represents the hidden meaning.

Which would make that a very sophisticated request, no?

Pretzel said...

How come you hardly ever blog about your wife?

Jack said...


Looks like your question has been answered. ;)


Thanks for the tip. ;)