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How Long Do You Wait While on Hold

I pose the question, how long are you willing to wait on hold? A minute, five minutes, an hour? How long is it acceptable to be placed on hold? Let me know what you think.


Jewish Atheist said…
Funny you should ask. I just 20 minutes ago hung up after holding for about 5 minutes with an eye doctor's office. I'm looking for a new one and I figured that wasn't a good sign. Those 5 minutes cost them a new patient.
Once my dad waited for 70 minutes on hold for the phone company which was ridiculous. However, I called them up on another line and only had to wait 9.5 minutes. I'm not quite as patient.
Leora said…
I try to have a phone in the house with a good speaker phone. So while I am on hold, I do something else. Probably is, I get distracted by the something else, and then I hear this distant, official voice asking me to tell them the nature of the problem...
orieyenta said…
Instant gratification? No way, not you! Bwhahahahaha!

I won't stay on hold much longer than an hour - it just makes me angry.
Anonymous said…
I can wait on hold a very long time because I have a cordless phone headset with a range of 300 feet so as long as the battery lasts I can make beds, weed the yard, get the mail, do laundry, etc., etc., etc. But, rarely is a phone call important enough for me to be willing to wait very long; I spent 90 minutes on two separate phone calls last year waiting for information on renewing my expired passport three days before I was supposed to leave the country. Sigh. I'm awfully sick of my absentmindedness.

BTW, before I forget: I just blogged about you:
cruisin-mom said…
I'm with Leora...a speaker phone helps. It really matters on how important the call is. I think 20 minutes is about my limit.
Jack Steiner said…

I don't blame you.


9.5 minutes versus 70- that is a hell of a difference. I don't blame you, I wouldn't have waited that long either.


A cordless speaker phone makes a world of difference.


An hour? It takes an hour to aggravate you.


90 minutes is a heck of a long time. Thanks for the post.
Jack Steiner said…

20 minutes is about twice as long as I like, but sometimes....