Inside Terrorism- The X-Ray Project

"This exhibit effectively conveys the horrors of terrorism. It is a "must see" for health workers as well as lay people. It might even move those who, in the past, have been reluctant to condemn terrorist attacks that have targeted Israelis."

— Jonathan Rhodes, MD
Children's Hospital
Harvard Medical School

To see the exhibit click here.


Gila said...

Actually, the doctor who treated the damage to the nerves in my face used me as an exhibit in a presentation he gave in the US. Or so he told me. My own little contribution to the war on terrorism...

In respect to Haveil Havalim--what is entailed in hosting? Gazillions of hours? And where is it listed this week? I need my fix. :)

Shavua tov


Gila said...

Just added the link to my blog. Complete with a hat tip, of course! Thanks!


Jack Steiner said...


The next issue of H.H is forthcoming. I'll email you about hosting.

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