Yom Kippur & My Daughter

My daughter's class discussed Yom Kippur. As she is in pre-school it was likely a very basic discussion. All I know is that she approached me and said that she has nothing to say sorry for.

I on the other hand am supposed to apologize to her for not letting her watch more Dora.



The Babka Nosher said...

Bad Daddy. You better beg for her forgiveness! That is a pretty grievous sin against your daughter!

Smooth said...

LOL, that is hilarious!

Sarah Likes Green said...

lol cute

Jack Steiner said...


I know. ;)


It made me smile.


She is.

orieyenta said...

...and said that she has nothing to say sorry for.

The look on your face when she said that must have been PRICELESS.

Ezzie said...

LOL. :)

Jack Steiner said...


It probably was.


Just wait until your daughter zaps you.

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