Andrew Meyer- You Asked For Trouble

Many of you have probably heard about the student who was tasered at a John Kerry lecture at his university.

I don't know that he needed to be tasered, but I will say that he created the problem. If you watch the video below you can see that his actions precipitated the incident. He intentionally made a spectacle of himself.

Again I am not saying that being tasered was the appropriate course of action but he fought with the police. That is usually going to be a losing hand. Take a look at the video and see what you think.


Alice said...

That is disturbing. Clearly he should not have been arrested. But he shouldn't have resisted physically.

Anonymous said...

I think he is an attention whore who KNEW EXACTLY what he was doing and couldn't have had it turn out any more like he wanted.

Sadly, with the YouTube generation college student age kids know if they make the right scene at the right place it will become a huge youtube story.

There are reports that he only got dramatic when a camera was there. Many people who were there said he was playing it up.

I don't care that he got tasered, he was acting nuts, he was unpredictable and there was a former Presidential candidate and current U.S. Senator there.

Richmond said...

Stupid is as stupid does... 'Nuff said.

Lady-Light said...

This seems to be way beyond the call of duty. Why was it necessary to taser him? He was exercizing his right of free speech, albeit vociferously.
Unless I missed something-which is possible (even I miss stuff occasionally, lol)- the police manhandled him much more than was necessary.
And no, I was not a protester-type in the sixties!

Jack Steiner said...


That is the thing, once he started resisting he caused the escalation in force.


It is hard to argue otherwise.


I hear you.

Lady Light,

He resisted arrest and taunted the police. Whether that is grounds for being tasered is debatable, but I haven't any problem with his being thrown on the ground. The police have a very hard job to do and people like this make it even tougher.

LT said...

I think he is an attention whore who KNEW EXACTLY what he was doing and couldn't have had it turn out any more like he wanted.

Agree fully.

Jacob Da Jew said...


Anonymous said...

It's weird how so many people claim Meyer escalated the incident by resisting and that he is making their job tougher. Isn't is just as reasonable to say that the police escalated the incident by not simply letting him finish his question which Kerry agreed to answer and that the police's job is to serve us, not for us to make their job easy.

Jack Steiner said...


I hear you.


It is hard to argue against that.


It is strange that some people are willing to ignore all of his antics. It is strange that someone would fail to understand how resisting arrest would lead to a physical confrontation.

Anonymous said...

I don't ignore his antics. I think it was somewhat reasonable to ask him to leave, though I don't think it was really necessary at the point it happened, when he had already finished apparently and Kerry was happy to answer. I do think that he shouldn't have been arrested, however, simply escorted out. And the tasering was just too far.

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