His Penis Is In The Wrong Place

Fellow parents of young children may be familiar with the moose from Noggin. Today my daughter took a look at the moose (see picture below) and announced that his penis is in the wrong place.

I tried to explain that he has a tail and that this is not a penis. For about five minutes I contended with three year old logic and then I threw my hands up and walked away. I have been defeated by a three year-old girl.


Something tells me that she and I will revisit this topic again later.


Val said...

That is hysterical!

However, it's kind of scary that she's looking for the moose's penis! Good luck! :)

Deadman said...

He doesn't have any nads, either...


Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha! Glad you're talking openly about these things...

Miriam said...

how did you keep a straight face on that one? lol

Did she ask about the nostrils? LOLOL

fashionista cat in a zero gravity shoe-store said...

Meant to tell you for a while, your kids are seriously cool. Keep the good parenting up!

Jack Steiner said...


You said it.


I suppose not.


It is easier that way.


Nope, no interest in the nostrils and yes I did keep a straight face, but just barely.


Thank you.

benning said...

Well, she could've asked why he was pooping yellow.


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