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What Are Your Favorite Blog Names?

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AbbaGav deserves full credit for this post. As you can see from the link he did this last year but I thought that it was worth another crack at it.


PsychoToddler said…
Forbidden Chicken
Jack Steiner said…
That is different.
PsychoToddler said…
Wow. Where are all the comments.

Usually these recycled posts are gold for you.
This should have a category of blog names that would be very witty but the only problem is that they mean it seriously:

Infidel and Kafir Watch
Jihad and the City
Jack Steiner said…

Don't know. The traffic has been relatively high but the comments have been slow. Maybe it got buried. I'll bump it back up.


I hear you. It is really kind of sad.
Jacob Da Jew said…
What about my blog name? Jacob Da Jew

Oh wait, I'm not as (in)famous as the good doc PT so I wouldn't qualify.
treppenwitz...wish i had thought of that...hell, wish i knew that before...sigh
Yitzchak, shouldn't that be 'Tznius and the City'? or 'Mitzvah and the City'?;)

BTW, Jack, I've got the list of punctuation rules up that I've proposed to do.
RaggedyMom said…
I'm putting my vote in for Amish Disco
Jack Steiner said…

You can self nominate.






Amish Disco. I like it,